Understanding Foot Fetishism

Understanding Foot Fetishism

Foot fetishism is a very common paraphilia. Foot fetishism is called podophilia but it is often associated with sexual fantasies including legs, shoes or even female underwear (panties, bras, corsets, nighties ….

To gain a foothold, they worship those of their partners. Who are foot fetishists and how to understand this form of sexual addiction? Explanations and testimonies.

Michel has been married three times. But it is only with his third – and current – wife that he can openly experience his sexuality: Michel is a foot fetishist.  I think it’s the most sensual, the most attractive part of their body. I would be hard pressed to find a pretty woman if she had big ankles. ”  

If foot fetishism is not common for Teen Foot Worship, its practice has survived the ages. The first traces of this interest go back to 1000 years before Christ, in Egypt or in Rome, where prostitutes were forbidden to wear shoes in order to stir up the desire of men. 

foot fetish  is about lusting for women’s feet. Except that this desire has more than one name. Because for one fetishist the most attractive will be small, narrow, well-groomed feet, and for another the peak of attractiveness will be larger and thicker feet. 

What is meant by foot fetishism?

This paraphilia is characterized by  a strong sexual excitement and often obsessive felt in the presence or at the sight of feet . To this is often attached the olfactory dimension, the length of the feet, the shape of the toes, the possibility of touching or trampling.

What this Teen Foot Worship reveals

Sigmund Freud in 1914 delivers a study on foot fetishism. According to him the foot is clearly a phallic representation and the sexual attraction of a man for the foot of a woman is a tangible mark of repressed homosexuality.

In 1927, Havelock Ellis’ study on the same subject brought up the idea of   a morbid position of the foot fetishist. Loving the feet of women is, for him, the sign of an attraction for death and a need to break up the body.

Psychoanalysis also speaks of castration anxiety as if the foot represented a sliced   penis which would fascinate the worshipers of the feet.

It should be noted that a convinced and assiduous foot fetishist will be more interested in caressing the feet, licking than in the sexual act itself. This can lead to certain relationship difficulties in couples .

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