Teen Foot Worship :Foot fetish – is this a disease? What does it consist of? Types

Teen Foot Worship :Foot fetish – is this a disease? What does it consist of? Types

Foot ethics is one of the most famous fetishes for Teen Foot Worship. This means that such a person achieves arousal, and often also sexual gratification by contact with the partner’s feet. This phenomenon is not considered as a disease, but sometimes it is worth addressing this issue to a specialist such as a sexologist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

What is a Teen Foot Worship?

It’s a kind of sexual interest directed towards the feet. Otherwise they are referred to as podology. The Teen Foot Worship gets excited when in contact with someone else’s feet. Very often, this kind of intimacy brings the fetishist to orgasm. This is the most popular type of fetish, which most often dominates among men, less often among women. 

Foot fetish is not spoken of in the context of a mental illness or mental or sexual disorder, it is more commonly  referred to as a tendency to adore a partner’s feet in a sexual context. In this approach, a person with such addiction treats the other person’s feet as an object of desire. Therefore, he wants to see them naked and absorb them with their other senses: smell, touch and even taste. Just sensual contact with the feet can lead the fetishist to the peak.

What is the foot fetish?

More often you can encounter a phenomenon called the female foot fetish than the male foot fetish. Both are manifested by showing adoration to the partner’s feet by watching and touching them in a variety of ways, e.g. by:

  • stroking, 
  • tickling, 
  • kneading, 
  • pinching, 
  • massaging, 
  • trampling, etc., 
  • often using cosmetics, spreads, oils, etc. 

Teen Foot Worship also love to try them, i.e. licking, kissing, nibbling and putting their toes in their feet, etc. Some of them diversify the “taste” of feet with food additives, such as creams, pastes, oils, etc.

A large group of fans of women’s feet tastes sexual satisfaction, which is done just through the feet of a partner. It looks like one lover’s foot or orgasm brings a fetish to an orgasm (so-called foot job) with one foot or soles on both feet. 

To make this possible, the male member must be in an erection. Sometimes the foot fetishists from other fetishes to add this leading, for example related. Tights , stockings, high heels, feet, etc . 

Teen Foot Worship: Fetish for women’s feet – what feet are desired?

Women’s foot fetish  is about lusting for women’s feet. Except that this desire has more than one name. Because for one fetishist the most attractive will be small, narrow, well-groomed feet, and for another the peak of attractiveness will be larger and thicker feet. 

Among the admirers of women’s feet there will also be those who love dirty feet. Most of the followers of love for women’s feet, fortunately for their health and hygiene, choose clean and manicured feet.

The results of research conducted show that  most fetishists of female feet prefer medium-sized feet – 38, well-groomed, preferably with red-painted nails and dressed in high-heeled shoes with bare toes.

What is the male foot fetish or Teen Foot Worship?

Male foot fetish is the second basic type of foot fetish. It happens much less often than sexually adoring women’s feet. However, there will be supporters and supporters of “playing” with male feet. 

And in this case, tastes can be varied: from fat, through hairy, sweaty, to slim, with long or short toes, etc. Male calves, bare feet dressed in sandals or men’s socks may also be liked.

In addition to this “most famous” fetish, there are other, less known, which can be perceived as strange and even scary. Some of them are, e.g. navel fetish, hair fetish, passion for … urine and even feces. Sexual arousal can also be caused by trees, stuffed animals or public places.

Is foot fetish a disease?

Foot fetishism is not classified as a mental illness . More often, however, you can hear about this phenomenon that it is a type of sexual perversion. Fetishists describe them more as a variety of sexual sensations as for Teen Foot Worship.

If the foot fetish does not offend or disturb the partner, and is not associated with violence, violent sexual behavior, etc., it does not appear to be a threat.

However, therapy is suggested to analyze life events that may have led to fascination with the feet. A sexologist , psychologist and psychiatrist can help in this regard . Appropriate treatment and support of a specialist may prove indispensable in the case of intensified fetishism. 

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