How does fetish work?

How does fetish work?

The fetish is not in itself a sexual stimulus, but its absence prevents a person from achieving full sexual satisfaction. It can also cause a total lack of excitement and even impotence . Sometimes there may be a situation when there is a complete separation of an object or element of scenery that is a fetish from the person who wears or occurs in that scenery. 

For example, women are not excited by a man, but by his outfit or the function he performs (more often this is the case for men who are excited, for example, by the fact that a woman wears stockings, and not the owner of the stockings).

When a fetish becomes a sexual stimulus or when a fetish becomes a socially unacceptable behavior or situation, problems arise. We are then talking about fetishism , i.e. a behavioral disorder involving the need to satisfy sexual desire in a strictly defined way. 

Sometimes fetishism is associated with personality disorders and even mental disorders. In this case, consultation with a psychiatrist or sexologist is recommended.

In sexology, the fetish is qualified as a type of sexual parish, i.e. a sexual disorder, which means that the necessary condition for achieving sexual satisfaction is some type of object, ritual or set design.

Types of fetishes

Fetishes come in an infinite number of varieties. These can be clothing, type of behavior or, for example, scenery or situation. Usually, the transformation of a given object or situation into a fetish is associated with experiences from early childhood or youth, when the event, behavior or object was associated with the achievement of pleasure, including sexual.

foot worship london is most often items such as high-heeled shoes (stilettos) worn by a woman, stockings with garters or another item of clothing. However, it can also be a specific smell during sexual intercourse, specific behavior or some element of the environment. A certain situation can also become a fetish – for example a threat situation. 

Then the person will strive to have sex in public or in such a way that an adrenaline rush is guaranteed . It may happen that a specific position for having sex becomes a fetish – then there is no satisfaction when using other positions. Fetish it is a kind of ritualisation of sex and striving to repeat the same situations and a specific sequence of events.

Problems With Fetishes

The problems associated with having a fetish are primarily the repetition and predictability of a sexual act. In the case of having a strong fetish, there is a lack of space for spontaneity in sex, even compulsive behavior can occur, i.e. compulsive attachment to a given ritual and a way of sexual intercourse. 

Not every partner is able to accept this behavior, which can lead to grievance and even separation.

The fetish problem also arises when it is socially unacceptable for some reason. Then there is dilemma: whether to meet their own deeply rooted erotic needs, or renounce them in order to remain in accordance with social norms. 

This causes a strong internal tear and frustration, which can lead to behavioral and personality disorders, and even to mental disorders.

Having a fetish is not bad in itself – it all depends on its type and how strong the need is for it to be present in order to get sexual satisfaction. If it becomes impossible to achieve it in a situation when the fetish is absent or when the need for the presence of the fetish is so strong that we are willing to exceed legal and social norms, you should report to a specialist.

The most effective method of dealing with the problems generated by having a foot worship london is psychotherapy . An experienced psychotherapist helps the patient understand the mechanism of fetish operation and learn its source, which may be helpful in limiting the impact of a given object or situation on sex life.

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