Can A Foot Fetish Destroy A Relationship?

Can A Foot Fetish Destroy A Relationship?

Fetishism is a phenomenon that allows you to get sexual satisfaction under the influence of contact with a selected object. The stimulus may be a specific situation, inanimate object or part of the partner’s body. And further it will lead to foot worship london.

As it turns out, feet are the most common fetish among sexually active people. Fascination manifests itself in various forms. Pleasure can be caused by touch or kissing itself, but also by smelling or so-called footjob (rubbing the penis with your foot to cause sexual arousal and bring your partner to orgasm). 

How do you explain the foot fetish? What determines the partner’s preferences and are they reflected in the psyche?

Sexual preference and fetish

According to the American Psychiatric Association, fetishism is a mental disorder. Are your preferences a fantasy or an obsession? Fascination turns into a fetish when:

strongly exciting sexual fantasies, impulses or behaviors relate to the use of inanimate objects

impulses or behaviors cause discomfort or impairment in a social, professional or other area of   functioning.

Fetishes are not limited to women’s wardrobe items or devices designed to mechanically stimulate the genitals

Fetishism consists in obtaining sexual satisfaction mainly or exclusively as a result of contact with a stimulant object, i.e. a fetish. This object can be an object – for example, a high heel, a person, a part of the body – for example, a foot, a place, a smell … 

Fetishism becomes a deviation when the object itself is sufficient to achieve sexual satisfaction, and the presence of a partner and the relationship with him it stops counting, it becomes unnecessary – comments Bianca-Beata Kotoro, a psychologist, psychosexual and therapist.

Foot fetishists in the world

It turns out that among fetishes the most common is the one associated with feet. No one is surprised by the presence on social networks of accounts intended for foot lovers. Fascination is popular and concerns a growing number of supporters. 

Profiles are created, e.g. on Instagram, which are filled with pictures of women’s legs. Why such interest and why just feet?

Can foot fetishism destroy a relationship?

Closeness and sexual contact with a partner have a positive impact on the relationship and complement the feeling of connecting partners. It is important that each party is sensitive to the partner’s preferences. 

Thanks to this, balance and mutual satisfaction will be maintained in sexual contact. But what if the fetishist strives to realize his vision? Can an obsession with foot worship london worsen the quality of a relationship?

– The  norm is always set by the couple and their mutual consent to the behavior. As long as neither side feels discomfort associated with the partner’s specific preferences, then everything is fine. In sexual relations, a lot depends on establishing and developing our own partner norm, i.e. behaviors that we accept or not. This applies to both permanent relationships and short-term relationships based solely on sex. We talk about pathology when one of the parties causes physical and / or mental suffering to the other – says Bianca-Beata Kotoro.

Fight or nurture?

How to behave when a fetish has a holistic effect on sex life? Caring for the realization of fantasy, can lead to dissatisfaction of the partner and giving him insufficient attention. One-sided pleasure can be destructive to a relationship. Should people struggling with this dilemma try to overcome their tastes? What consequences do fetishists have sophisticated fantasies for couples and psyche?

–  If we treat certain behaviors or objects only as a variation on sex life, and the partner does not resist giving up – we have no reason to worry. The problem arises when the partner’s preferences cause us negative feelings – shame, embarrassment, sadness or pain and despite conversations he cannot give up given practices. Therapy and specialist help is necessary when the partner no longer needs a person to achieve sexual satisfaction and the fetish takes his place. After all, a relationship is a relationship and interaction of two people. There must

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