Foot Worship London: what is it, types of fetishes. When can it be dangerous?

Foot Worship London: what is it, types of fetishes. When can it be dangerous?

Fetish is a preference that guarantees a better sexual experience. Probably each of us has some small fetishes that make sex even more enjoyable. The problem arises when a fetish conditions the orgasm or does not please the partner. In special situations, the fetish of one person may hurt another, in which case such behavior should be treated.

1. What is a fetish?

A real fetish is an object, an element of a situation or environment that is not a sexual stimulus, but the lack of it can cause not enough intense sexual experience, sometimes lack of excitement or even impotence .

Fetish or foot worship london as a disorder can be talked about when the lack of a specific stimulus does not allow you to enjoy sex and closeness, that is, it overrides all the joy of having sex and becomes an obsession. For example, when a man is excited only when his partner has stockings. Another problem occurs when the fetish of one person causes strong arousal, while the other disgust.

Sometimes it happens that a fetishist, although he is able to meet his needs, at some point he may cease to be interested in everything but the fetish. This is already a serious problem and you should be treated as soon as possible. 

Sometimes fetishism occurs together with a serious personality disorder or mental illness , and then the loss of satisfaction from sex is simply one of the symptoms of serious psychological problems that require appropriate treatment.

Types of fetishes

Fetish can take the form of an obsession. Persistent and unusual habits, which often significantly impede normal sexual intercourse, for example, making love in only one position, eg “from behind”, or only after consuming a large amount of alcohol. 

Let’s remember that successful, satisfying sex is on the one hand our certain preferences, but also the use of a wealth of erotic diversity.

People who are very used to, even attached to rituals cannot fully enjoy the enormous possibilities offered by sex. So if a person is able to try new products at least from time to time, it means that they are not too bad with them.

In a situation where for you a partner’s fetish or compulsive attachment to specific rituals is a serious problem, first of all, do not try to “heal him with your love”. At the beginning, talk about it honestly, without any medicine, anger or resentment, and then seek professional help. In this situation, psychotherapy turns out to be the most effective .

How do you deal with a fetishist or foot worship london? 

First of all: don’t make fun of her / his preferences. Just a foot fetish is one of the most common partialisms (sexual preferences for body parts other than genitals, buttocks, anus or female breasts, in a word: directly associated with sexuality), and at the same time arousing strong defensive reactions among people. 

Of course, for some feet it is a disgusting factor, just like for others – a source of excitement. As humanity, we are not original – if it occurred to you that you wanted to have your feet licked or lick them yourself, you can be 100% sure that millions of people have thought about the same thing (and did it!). It is sometimes worth considering why something seems strange or gross to us. Because maybe these fears are not ours at all.

Second: be open to experiments. Most of us have far more stretch comfort zones and much smoother boundaries than you think.

Thirdly: by allowing a partner to interact with feet, you need to make that person aware of which areas of the foot are more sensitive to tickling or other types of touch than strong and strong. In a word: communicate with this person!

Fourth: assume that what we have to offer may not completely coincide with the preferences of the partner. Even Cinderella’s sisters, cutting off heel pieces or other such procedures will not help here. Relationships are sometimes more than just feet, so don’t panic. As long as you still have a satisfying sex life with a fetishist, everything is all right. Fetish or foot worship londonand can admire the objects without physical contact with them. So what if they are not yours?

Fifth: ask or meet on your own. The most fear and disgust at harmless fetishes is caused by their misunderstanding. And I admit that I thought for a long time that the gas mask fetish is all about farting at them. But well, as I mentioned above: since it occurred to me, probably someone else had already figured it out and did it.

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