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To lay it out plainly, a foot fixation is a sexual interest in feet. This implies an individual can be stirred by contacting, licking, scouring, kissing, sucking, and kneading any piece of the foot—from the bottoms to the curves to the toes to the nails, clarifies polyamorous dissident and prime supporter of The Sex Work Survival Guide Tiana GlittersaurusRex.

Note, nonetheless, that when you’re nonchalantly discussing a foot interest, you may not really be thinking about a genuine clinical obsession.

“At the point when somebody has a clinical fixation, they require the item (for this situation, feet) to get turned on and climax,” says sex specialist and occupant sexologist for Adam and Eve, Jenni Skyler, PhD. Much of the time, a “foot interest is nonchalantly (however clinically erroneously) used to characterize somebody who has a sexual inclination from gentle to solid toward feet.”

So except if you need to see somebody’s foot (or some variety of this) each time you jerk off, you don’t actually have a foot fixation.

And keeping in mind that the specialized term for foot fetishism is podophilia, Dr. Skyler says a more exact portrayal for an affection for feet would be called foot partialism or foot love.